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Host your weekday wedding brunch or a large group working lunch.
You will have access to the entire space for the morning or afternoon. For large or special events click on the inquire now tab after reading the listed information below. Send us your info, for smaller groups you can book online now by clicking on the book now tab.

Booking large groups at Communal 15-24 people

For parties larger than 15 people we require a pre-set menu. A pre-set menu is a menu that the party has agreed upon before arriving at the restaurant. The host/hostess of the group will pick 2 items from each category, starter, entree, sides, and dessert. The pre-set menu will start arriving as soon as the party is seated. The price for pre-set menu starting at $ 48 a person

Booking / Buy-out large groups at Communal 25-45 people

For parties larger than 25 people we require a buy-out option. A buy-out means that no other guests will be able to be sat at the restaurant at the same time your party is in the restaurant. A half buy-out, 25-50 people for a 2-hour duration is (5:00-7:00pm) costs $3000 on a weekday and $5000 on the weekends. A full buy-out 25-50 people for the whole service (5:00-9:00 pm) is $5000 on the weekdays and $6000 on the weekends. The buyout price includes the food and beverage  but does not include taxes or gratuity. The pricing for the buy-outs is based upon the projected revenue the restaurant would occur without booking the buy-out.

Private dining room

General Q&A

Q: How many people does the private dining room seat?

A: min 8, max 12

Q: Is there a fee for booking the room?

A: No, if your party is 8 or larger you can call and book the room any time available, however, the reservation will not be guaranteed. The private dining room is our largest table and we need to use it for our largest groups. Meaning that if you're a party of 8 that has book the private room and a party of 12 would like to eat at Communal at the same time we will move the 8 to another table. If you would to book the private dining with a smaller party than 8 or guarantee the room a fee of $200 is required.


Q: Does Communal cater events?

A: Yes, with a minimum order of $1,000